Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Baby it's cold outside...

and man oh man, I am so over this being stuck inside stuff.  and now a broken-frozen pipe.  geez.
I mean, we are in Texas for goodness sake. this snow stuff is good for a couple good outside shots, a rare winter scrapbook page...and then I'm over it.  come on sun!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Catching up

made it through the holidays...and trying to get this Yesterday and Today project going...courtesy of the always inspiring and patient Ali Edwards.  Signed up for her online class last week in hopes of learning some digital things to incorporate as well as do a "me" album.  I have to admit after doing two days of Photoshop tutorials on my own and trying to play catch up...I am just freakin' frustrated at my inability to "go digital."  I just hate it. I give up.  I'm gonna live in the past.  gonna go watch some movies on Beta tape. 

see...I stink at this digi stuff! two days of work...cutting my losses.  

 I do love that I was given homework to go through old albums and categorize what I like and dislike.  It made me realize I have waaaaay too many albums and pages and I love almost every single page. big stickers, bad photos, and not so hot handwriting. 
But then, I got curious and started counting layouts as I glanced through every single one.
drum roll please...over 1460 12x12 layouts completed and in albums...

and none of them digital or hybrid.

187+  in a stack awaiting a page protector or one "final touch."  OMG!  I also came up with an estimate for contract layouts and projects and gifts...and ...well, it's crazy!!!
But I rationalize that I may have to divi everything up between three boys someday and did not want any of them to feel less loved.  well, that's my excuse anyways.  at this point they may just feel smothered in photos, adhesive, and embellishments. geez.
Gonna tackle more AE homework tonight between laundry and football...and try to work on that pile of 187.  ugh.

Oh, my count would of been a few numbers higher  BUT...we had quite the tragedy in my little studio last week.  Actually, it was throughout our whole downstairs living area but my studio was HIT the worst.  Long story short, our sweet Elly dog got hit by a car...survived -after lots of life-saving measures and medical intervention ( and $$$) had been recouperating at home confined to her little spot with all her dressings on...neglected to to put the "cone" on when I left.  When I returned home I discoverd a crime scene like nothing I had ever seen...and most of it had happened in my scrapbook room.  A bloody bloody mess.  Mess does not even describe my room...murder scene.  Haz mat crew needed.  Needless the say, when the dust had settled and, the blood had already dried, and I had stopped crying and having a panic attack    ( took care of Elly first) we tackled the clean up.  some of that stack of layouts WERE laying open in an album on the floor.  they had to be trashed.  unbelievable.  I was so upset.  still upset.  still gotta tear out all of the carpet as it is beyond saving.  and now I'm also repairing a lot of layouts that got "hit." good thing I have a lot of other layouts.  LOL.

Sunday, November 28, 2010


ahh, thankful that the big warm-up meal to the big holiday season that was hosted at my house this over. so much work, so many calories.  It seems sad that Thanksgiving has turned into just a meal in preperation for this Black Friday craziness.  I'm thinking that next year some retailers may just start offering a  to-go turkey/stuffing/cranberry sauce dinner at the check-out line to make sure you spend your shopping dollars there.  It really has gotten out of hand.  oh well.  I slept in and then started on third but not final dishwasher load to celebrate the holiday weekend.  yup, Scrooge will be arriving by helicopter very soon.  right on schedule.  

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


long time, no see...

But have been way too busy with projects!
but here is a little peek at one of my newest little creations that I will be teaching at Anthologies next month. Thanks Cheryl for the inspiration!
And No, the kitchen is not done...but getting super close.  All my plans of tackling the remaining paint and trim work seem to get bumped on the weekends by Football practice, scrapbook deadlines, yard work, sick children, missing dogs, car deals, school projects, name it.  Stuff!  But I know, all us working moms are in the same sinking boat. 


Monday, June 7, 2010

Anthologies goodies

another month of kit creativity with Anthologies June collection " take flight."  this kit has lots and lots of goodies (fabric,canvas,yarn,wire mesh) that I don't usually work so it was fun to play with it all except the wire which was due to a major...okay, minor bloody hand injury that occured because I tend to work/create/get inspired in the dark sometimes...but alas, that is another story. 


Saturday, May 22, 2010

the toad is smiling too!

another month gone by and yet this home remodel lingers on...we are up and cooking at this point and have cleaned out all the nooks and crannies that formerly housed groceries, Christmas dishes, the "good" tupperware, and the wedding crystal....yes, ( bells, harps, and trumpets playing)  we have cabinets up and countertop, and working appliances.   Lots of trim and finish work to do but at least we don't have to eat dinner in another drive-thru line.  So at least we're saving money there...but gotta pay for all this "updating."  Ahh, but that's another tale.  
Got my Anthologies kit and been a busy little BEE, working on layouts when inspiration hits and even sometimes when it doesn' the creative process right?  Sneak peeks coming soon.

But tonight for Saturday night fun, after painting trim and crown molding all day, the boys went hunting, toad hunting that is.  The first Toad of Summer has been caught, tagged, and released.  And with that the official start of dirty boy Summer activities begins...even though there are still 3 ( ahhhhhh!) days of school left. 

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


okay...for the rest of you that have functioning kitchens...AND cabinets...maybe this is no big deal.  BUT, for me this is huge. we have cabinets hanging...and have for many nights ( even though Henry and I did it all ourselves.)  Yup. were back in business baby.  We don't have to keep the Cheerios in with my shoes and t-shirts anymore. We can move small appliances out of the bathrooms, use real cutlery, and buy some groceries.  So what's my excuse for not getting lots of crafting projects done?   hmmmm.  Spring fever I think. just gotta be outside digging, weeding, cleaning, or something dirty.  Also waiting to get my hands on next month's kit from Anthologies and see what goodies await me.  Yup, saving up my creative energy.